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Rockwell Insurance

We value your financial health and placing your needs first.   We don’t view you as a financial transaction and we believe that what’s good for you is good for our business, not the other way around. We believe in straight talking without the marketing hype and empty promises.

Therefore we are committed to:

  • Providing professional advice and services in a straight forward manner
  • Making complex matters more understandable
  • Giving you access to highly qualified professionals who can advise on a diverse range of subjects
  • Assisting you in making important financial decisions
  • Using the latest technology and research to provide solutions
  • Clear two way communication including feedback from you
  • Agreed levels and frequency of ongoing service and advice
  • Transparent remuneration which offers value to you
  • Developing a long-term relationship that allows us to build a profitable business

How we get paid

We operate a transparent charging system so that there are no hidden surprises. The initial meeting where we gather information to understand your circumstances and requirements is at our cost. There is no charge to you.

Before any chargeable work commences we outline how we can be remunerated for our services; by a fee paid directly by you or made by deduction from any financial product. The remuneration basis is then agreed and work commences. You can’t get more transparent than that!

As advisers we realise that everyone’s circumstances are different and your costs will depend upon the level of service you select and the complexity of your financial affairs so we offer different service levels to ensure your specific requirements are met.

A copy of our Terms of Business can be found here

Details of our Schedule of Fees can be found here